Our Vision & Mission

Entrepreneurs have the potential to change our world for the better by solving real-world problems with the launch, growth and scaling of new business models, technologies, products and services.

We contribute to a better world by helping entrepreneurs become and remain successful through flexible, affordable, no bullshit sales support.

  • Focus: Sales for B2B Startups. We are great at what we do because we are specialized.
  • Swiss Quality: We deliver on what we promise. On time, in Swiss Quality, with local people.
  • Bottom-Line Impact: We only work with you on what generates tangible business value.
  • Experience: We don’t just talk about sales. We did and do the grunt work such as cold calls ourselves.
  • Flexibility: Your needs change over time. Get maximum ROI without hiring somebody full-time.
  • Fun: We are fun to work with as professionals, but also as human beings."

About the SalesPlaybook universe

Switzerland’s “Sales State of the Nation” is far from great and most great sales people are working in large corporates. Or they are sales trainers for these corporates and SMEs since it is easier and more profitable than helping startups hit Product-Market-Fit and scale up sales faster without hiring expensive sales reps.

We are a couple of committed, hungry, purpose-driven sales people, many of them entrepreneurs themselves with a sincere commitment to help founders succeed.


“Startups that sell are startups that scale.“

Hartmann Manuel

Manuel Hartmann

Founder & CEO

Built up sales for Onedot including +260% revenue, full rebranding and transition from projects to subscriptions within 2 years. Before worked in sales door-to-door, at Tesla and Accenture

B2B Startup Sales Masterminds

Get access to some of Switzerland’s best B2B sales people.
Without the need of hiring them full-time. Which they are not available for anyways.

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Patrick Trümpi

Sales Lead LARI

Built up sales for Starmind in CH, DE, was VP Sales Americas. Expert for lead generation & enterprise sales

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Lanny Heiz

Head of Sales BEE-Inbound

Built the marketing in 2 E-Commerce startups from 0 to CHF 1M+ revenue during studies and now building the sales team @BEE-Inbound.

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Pascal Stämpfli

Founder Startupmetrics

Former lead analyst at BV4,  developed the valuation and rating methodologies specifically for startups.

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Nicolas Berg

Entrepreneur, Investor, Coach

Serial founder, investor and coach since 1984 for  i.a. Borsalino/cash.ch, XING, Redalpine Venture Partners, Startup Campus, Venturelab, Venturekick

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Constantin Papadopoulos

Founder GSSP

Implementing B2B Sales acceleration & redesign projects, communication & negotiation trainer with deep expertise in setting up sales organisations.


Maddy Agrawal

Founder Startup to Scaleup

Led sales for several SaaS startups in US + CH. Expert for SaaS sales & US sales best practices

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Valentin Splett

Founder Peak Spirit

Led an ETH Zurich MedTech spinoff from launch to Exit. Expert for DACH + US MedTech coaching focused on sales

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Cyrill Kressibucher

Head of Sales Whitefrontier

FMCG sales & food imports expert with a strong understanding & vision of distribution channels. Scaled sales of a Swiss craft beer brewery almost from scratch to CHF 1M+ revenue in 2 years. Communicating in 7 languages.

Lars Mangelsdorf Headshot

Lars Mangelsdorf

Co-Founder Expense Robot

Built sales at Expense Robot from 0 to 500k+ ARR within less than 6 months.

Succeeded in technical B2B sales for the last 10+ years, lastly being (one of the) best sales reps at Beekeeper.

Stephanie Sigrist

Copywriting Expert

10+ years experience in journalism, marketing and communication. Aware of the potential of high-quality content when building a company and convinced that every Startup has ideas worth telling.

Lived on three continents.

Cooperation Partners

We are glad to partner up with selected organisations who complement our market offering.

Axelra - Tech venture builder

Axelra is a tech venture builder based in Zurich and loves to build, launch and scale digital products and services and the business around it. Our approach takes 100 days from the idea to the MVP launch.

F10 - The Home of FinTech

F10 is a Zurich and Singapore based FinTech Incubator and Accelerator which supports and guides Startups in transforming their ideas into successful companies while stimulating worldwide collaboration with international finance organizations

Plug and Play Main Logo in Dark

Plug and Play

Plug and Play connects the largest corporations to the world’s best startups through industry-focused accelerator programs in Silicon Valley and beyond.


SICTIC - Swiss ICT Investor Club

Swiss ICT Investor Club (SICTIC) connects smart money investors to Swiss seed and early-stage tech startups. SICTIC is a non-profit association, which has a strong investor community and organises the deal flow and matchmaking of startups and investors online and at pitching events.


ZID - Zentrum für Innovation & Digitaliserung

The Zentrum für Innovation und Digitalisierung (ZID) acts as entrepreneurial partner for start-ups, spin-offs and SMEs in helping them to realise their innovative endeavours with operational know-how, a large economic and political network as well as access to capital and working space.

Investors Forum - Startfeld

Axelra is a tech venture builder based in Zurich and loves to build, launch and scale digital products and services and the business around it. Our approach takes 100 days from the idea to the MVP launch.