Sales Acceleration Enablement

for B2B Entrepreneurs

We help committed B2B entrepreneurs sell more CHF 25’000-250’000 deals faster at lower customer acquisition costs…

…by hitting product-market-fit & scaling up sales faster without hiring expensive sales reps that fail to deliver.

Our 120+ B2B clients typically invest 3-5% of their annual revenues into working with us to grow by 100-400%…


CB Insights analysed 100+ high-impact startup failures.
These are the top 5 reasons why they failed.

No product-market-fit

Inability to identify & communicate an important & urgent problem

Running out of money

Failure to accelerate market traction & scale sales before running out of money

Incomplete team

Inability to fill talent gaps quickly. Most founders are technical…who knows sales?

Getting outcompeted

Failure to execute fast enough to establish yourself as a market leader

Flawed unit economics

Pricing and unit economics seem like “dark arts” but are crucial to get right

Are you struggling to...

Status Quo

Doing everything yourself is not scalable, hiring senior sales people from corporates rarely works.

Do it yourself

You try to do everything yourself by working 60-80h / week.

But you are juggling strategy, product, admin, hiring, fundraising and more.


Hiring senior sales reps

You hire expensive senior sales professionals who are capable. 

But they are rarely as hungry and hands-on as required.

CHF 150.000-300.000+ per year

Hiring junior sales reps

You hire affordable junior sales reps who are hungry and hands-on.

But they will struggle to accelerate growth quickly without enablement.

CHF 60.000-90.000 per year – each

Working with SalesPlaybook

You get the flexible, affordable, no bullshit Sales Acceleration Enablement you need
to grow annual revenues by 100-400%.

3-5% of your annual revenues


Get no bullshit sales coaching from experts

Get accountability and ask anything

Up to 12h per month of small group coaching + regular 1:1 sessions with Sales Masterminds that are a great fit for your stage, industry & sales challenges.

Get access to 20+ Sales Masterminds

Learn best practices, tools and processes from amazing sales people without hiring them full-time.

Actionable Insights & Templates

Learn B2B sales anytime, anywhere with access to 40+ How to guides incl. actionable templates you can use instantly that save you days of work and months of trial & error

Onboard und ramp new sales reps quicker and spend less time yourself training them by giving them access to our 24/7 self-learning Sales Acceleration platform and community.

Grow your revenues by 100-400%!

Your investment into your own success


0 -> 100k Annual Revenue / 2 users
12 months

Ask anything in up to 8h / month of small group coaching

Learn B2B sales anytime, anywhere on

Get things done within hours instead of weeks with 40+ actionable “How to” guides


100k -> 1M Annual Revenue / 5 users
6 or 12 months​

All of Booster +

Get access to some of Switzerland’s best B2B sales people

Get accountability and avoid trial & error in up to 3h 1:1 sessions / month

Get feedback on demand on your sales assets


1M -> 10M Annual Revenue / 10 users
6 or 12 months​

All of Accelerator +

Our sales experts craft sales assets such as your outbound sales messaging & more

We setup your sales engine with you

We train your sales reps in individual, hands-on sessions


Free during COVID

We are committed to help B2B entrepreneurs during COVID-19 where we can.
This is why we offer this high-value content to you for free during the current crisis.