Sales Acceleration
for B2B Startups

We help B2B startups hit Product-Market-Fit and scale up sales faster without hiring expensive sales reps. 

No Tai Lopez-Dan Lok-Tony Robbins-YouTube-fluff-stuff.

Just hands-on, affordable, no bullshit, Swiss sales enablement.

10 +

“Startups that sell are
startups that scale.”

Sales is not a science or an art. It is a set of best practices built around psychology, data, experience and process.

90% of startups fail!
Your job as a founder is to grow and scale sales before running out of money.

Ideal Customer Checklist

You are

  • A B2B startup that wants to grow from CHF >50’000 to CHF >1’000’000 annual revenue within 12-24 months
  • Customer-focused, committed and solving a real problem
  • Willing to invest CHF 2’000-20’000 to accelerate your sales

You are struggling to

  • Validate markets without building expensive solutions upfront
  • Generate qualified leads & convert them on demand
  • Close (more) 10-250k B2B deals within 2-6 months
  • Attract & retain hands-on sales people at affordable costs

Doing everything yourself is not scalable, hiring senior sales guys almost never works out.

  • DIY

You try to do everything yourself. 

But you are juggling strategy, product, admin, hiring, fundraising and more.


You hire an expensive (CHF 150-300k p.a.) senior sales person who is capable. 

But (s)he is rarely as hungry and hands-on as required.


You hire an affordable (CHF 60-90k p.a.) junior sales guy who is hungry and hands-on. 

But (s)he will struggle to accelerate growth quickly due to inexperience.


You get the flexible, affordable (CHF 500-5’000 per month), no bullshit sales enablement you need to succeed. 

Get no bullshit sales coaching from experts

Personal Coaching
Personal onboarding & continuous access to a B2B startup sales expert

Expert Knowledge
Insights on sales best practices, books, tools and processes.

Actionable Templates
Access to 30+ sales templates you can use instantly

First steps with us

  • 1. Book a free sales consultation
  • 2. Decide about collaboration
  • 3. Accelerate your sales
  • 4. Scale your business

Learn at your own pace on the SalesPlaybook Sales accelerator Platform

We provide our knowledge in a structured online version. Videos, contents, guidelines and best practices to improve your sales. Learn sales by using our platform!

- here are the answers.

You might have concerns. Let`s talk openly about them.

Usually yes because you are running out of money and/or you promised it to investors.  And even if not, more revenue never hurts.

The Sales Accelerator will save you a lot of time with a combination of actionable, outcome-oriented sessions, tools & knowledge.

You definitely should. Once you can ready. But this will in Switzerland typically take you 6-9 months (2-3 months each for hiring, notice period and onboarding). Apart of the previously discussed challenges.

Unlike traditional expensive sales trainers, this provides you with entrepreneurial, affordable, no bullshit sales support.

  • VS Traditional Sales Trainers: Get continuous expert support, actionable templates, insights and an entrepreneurial community – for 10k per year instead of a 2-3 days sales workshop
  • VS Traditional Startup Coaches: Get actionable, productised, but still personal B2B sales insights instead of general startup wisdom 
  • VS YouTube & Co: Get expert access & support to tailor material and insights to your individual needs and keep you accountable instead of just content

Your investment is CHF <1’000 per month. Closing just +1 B2B deal within 6 months recovers that investment by 5-10x. We are confident enough to make that happen with you to to give you a 100% action-based money-back guarantee.

No. We focus on sales acceleration as described in the accelerator package so you can develop sales as a core competence yourself. Once you hit product-market-fit, we are however glad to point you to the right partners in Europe to get support on this.

Decide yourself in a free 45min sales acceleration call. Or ask our customers.

If you are NOT into startup to solve a real problem, you put investors before customers and your exit strategy before revenue generation.

- Customers

We know people buy from people.
Believe not (only) us, but our 50+ happy customers.

Your investment for success.


Sales Booster 2 accounts included
  • SalesPlaybook platform access
  • 30+ actionable sales templates
  • Weekly group coaching calls with <8 people per call


Sales Accelerator 5 accounts included
  • Everything from Sales Booster
  • Weekly 1:1 working sessions
  • Deliverable review on demand
  • Access to B2B Startup Sales Masterminds


Sales Engine 10 accounts included
  • Everything from Sales Accelerator
  • Lead generation engine
  • Negotiation bootcamp
  • SDR bootcamp