Sales Accelerator
for B2B Startups

We help B2B startups hit Product-Market-Fit and scale up sales faster without hiring expensive sales reps. 

Unlike traditional expensive sales trainers, this provides you with entrepreneurial, affordable, no bullshit sales enablement.

“Startups that sell are
startups that scale.”

Sales is not a science. It is a set of best practices built around psychology, data, experience and process.

90% of startups fail!
Your job as a founder is to grow and scale sales before running out of money.

Ideal Customer Checklist

You are

  • A B2B startup that wants to grow from CHF >50’000 to CHF >1’000’000 annual revenue within 12-24 months
  • Customer-focused, committed and solving a real problem
  • Willing to invest CHF 2’000-20’000 to accelerate your sales

You are struggling to

  • Validate markets without building expensive solutions upfront
  • Generate qualified leads & convert them on demand
  • Close (more) 10-250k B2B deals within 2-6 months
  • Attract & retain hands-on sales people at affordable costs

Doing everything yourself is not scalable, hiring senior sales guys almost never works out.

  • DIY

You try to do everything yourself. 

But you are juggling strategy, product, admin, hiring, fundraising and more.


You hire an expensive (CHF 150-300k p.a.) senior sales person who is capable. 

But (s)he is rarely as hungry and hands-on as required.


You hire an affordable (CHF 60-90k p.a.) junior sales guy who is hungry and hands-on. 

But (s)he will struggle to accelerate growth quickly due to inexperience.


You get the flexible, affordable, no bullshit sales enablement you need to succeed.

Get no bullshit sales coaching from experts

Personal Coaching
Personal onboarding & continuous access to a B2B startup sales expert

Expert Knowledge
Insights on sales best practices, books, tools and processes.

Actionable Templates
Access to 25+ sales templates you can use instantly

First steps with us

  • Book a free sales consultation
  • Decide about collaboration
  • Accelerate your sales
  • Learn more with us

Learn at your own pace on the SalesPlaybook Sales accelerator Platform

We provide our knowledge in a structured online version. Videos, contents, guidlines and best pratices to improve your sales. Learn sales by using our plattform!

- here are the answers.

You might have concerns. Let`s talk openly about them.

Usually yes because you are running out of money and/or you promised it to investors.  And even if not, more revenue never hurts.

The Sales Accelerator will save you a lot of time with a combination of actionable, outcome-oriented sessions, tools & knowledge.

You definitely should. Once you can ready. But this will in Switzerland typically take you 6-9 months (2-3 months each for hiring, notice period and onboarding). Apart of the previously discussed challenges.

Unlike traditional expensive sales trainers, this provides you with entrepreneurial, affordable, no bullshit sales support.

  • VS Traditional Sales Trainers: Get continuous expert support, actionable templates, insights and an entrepreneurial community – for 10k per year instead of a 2-3 days sales workshop
  • VS Traditional Startup Coaches: Get actionable, productised, but still personal B2B sales insights instead of general startup wisdom 
  • VS YouTube & Co: Get expert access & support to tailor material and insights to your individual needs and keep you accountable instead of just content

Your investment is CHF <1’000 per month. Closing just +1 B2B deal within 6 months recovers that investment by 5-10x.

We are confident enough to make that happen with you to to give you a 100% action-based money-back guarantee.

No. We focus on sales acceleration as described in the accelerator package so you can develop sales as a core competence yourself.

Once you hit product-market-fit, we are however glad to point you to the right partners in Europe to get support on this.

Decide yourself in a free 45min sales acceleration call. Or ask our customers. We even give you an action-based money-back guarantee.

If you are NOT into startup to solve a real problem, you put investors before customers and your exit strategy before revenue generation.

- Customers

We know people buy from people.
Believe not (only) us, but our 40+ happy customers.

Your investment for success.


450 CHF per month
+ 500 CHF setup fee
  • Accelerator platform access
  • 30min/month sales coaching
  • 25+ actionable sales templates
  • Cancel anytime

6 Months Sales Accelerator

800 CHF per month
no setup fee
  • Accelerator platform access
  • 2 x 60min/month sales coaching, continuous expert access
  • 25+ actionable sales templates
  • SMART, tracked sales action plan


CONTACT US custom pricing
  • In-person sales training
  • Employee onboarding
  • Negotiation bootcamp
  • Tailor-made sales academy