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for committed B2B Startups

We help committed startups to accelerate their market traction.

Our 160+ B2B startups work with us to get this with our entrepreneurial, affordable, flexible combination of actionable self-learning, 50+ templates & tailored coaching.

We work with Founders of start-ups & Sales Leaders of scale-ups.

Most B2B startups fail. Even with millions of funding.

Because they fail to do fix these challenges fast:

Yes we are passioned sales people and good at promising the world.
So please listen to what our customers have to say instead.

Stop trial & error & close more deals

Ask anything and get tailored 1:1 coaching

Get up to 16h / month coaching in groups of 3-8.
Get things done in targeted 1:1 working sessions.

Learn from Sales Masterminds

Get access to great B2B Sales Masterminds.
Without hiring them full-time.
Which they are not available for anyways.

Learn B2B sales anytime, anywhere and execute

Learn B2B sales anytime, anywhere on our app.
This is not university with boring lectures, but 2-10min hands-on “How to” step-by-step lessons.
Save days of work and tons of trial & error with our 50+ ready-to-use templates you can use instantly.

Onboard and ramp new sales reps quicker.

Spend less time yourself training them.

But gain more insights on their progress.

Give them access to our 24/7 self-learning Sales Acceleration platform and community.

Grow your revenues by 100-400%!

If you need help taking your sales to the next level, then book a free call with us here!

Thank you for investing into your sales success!


Ask the founder + other sales experts anything in up to 16h / month in groups of <10 people

Learn B2B sales anytime, anywhere on

Get things done quickly with 50+ actionable “How to” guides


All of Booster +

Get access to some of Europe’s best B2B sales people

Get accountability & save time with up to 3h 1:1 working sessions / month 

Get feedback on demand on your sales assets


All of Accelerator +

Operational support on copywriting, lead sourcing, sales stack setup, mock-up calls, negotiating & more

Dedicated Sales Mastermind acting as VP sales ad interim, sales trainer,  or negotiation partner