Sales talent acquisition
costs need to decrease

Entrepreneurs can and should build up sales from 0 to 6-digit revenue…

…but require additional “firepower” at one point to reduce entrepreneur-dependency…

…setup the company for scale and robustness and of course accelerate growth.

The Sales Talent Problem

  • Sourcing: Finding affordable sales talent is hard, the hiring & firing rate is undesirably high (5 hired, 4 left within 1-2 years is not even an exception).
  • Business Model & Pricing: Established sales recruiters are rare in Switzerland and usually charge 15-25% of a sales rep’s gross annual salary – often upfront, resulting in fees of typically CHF 15’000-40’000 per hire.
  • Offering & Service Quality: Often not on the desired level of quality, transparency and robustness.
  • Incentives: Established recruiters are incentivised to actually poach candidates again after 18-24 months, “recycling” an undesirably fixed talent pool over and over again – which works completely against entrepreneurs’ talent retention objectives.

Things That Will Not Change

Entrepreneurs will always want to 

  • Source, attract and retain entrepreneurial, hungry, hands-on, high-potential sales talent
  • …quickly, …
  • …ideally taking only a 4-digit investment instead of 5-digit investment for external support
  • …without  be(com)ing dependent on “one-off hacks”

We are working on a solution for the above
and would love your input to further improve it!