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Sales is not a science. It is a set of best practices built around psychology, data, experience and process.

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Yes we have templates to write great customer testimonials. But we also love just letting them speak freely of their experience.

Tobias Angehrn, CEO TRESIO

„I was working in sales before, but never with a really senior sales guy. But at TRESIO, I really needed to establish sales from 0. What you helped me with was to really give me a process.  (01:00-01:45)

„Email opening rates came from 0-5% to 80% and reply rates to 30-40%, which is amazing. And it’s the same clientele I was addressing before – the same people, just a different approach.“  (02:15-02:45)

„Founders who have not had senior sales roles before can really benefit from this, even if they have 15 years of professional experience, but also people like me who have worked in sales before.“ (04:15-04:45)

„What was also really helpful were the group coaching calls to discuss struggles and get tips also from other founders – and to see that you’re not alone in this.“ (05:15-05:45)


Founder Feedback

„We are engineers at heart…re-shifting our focus on sales allows us now to communicate to the right stakeholders and closing deals – that is the biggest thing!“ (00:35-01:00)

„You taught us how to be more proactive towards people. That process landed us more work within that customer with less work, without chasing people – it was absolutely amazing! I basically arrived at his desk – by the time I got home I got a request for a 5-digit-offer on my desk.“ (01:30-02:00)

„Selling within your existing customers was a big point…which we did not do before...we are still learning on our sales journey, refining our website, our call to actions and more“ (02:15-03:10)

„Working on the messaging and content strategy helped us to achieve better sales to non-technical people, in greater strides than we could alone“ (04:00-04:30)


Founder Feedback

„The learning is huge. The tangible output towards the customer and actually connecting with them has proven very, very valuable“ (00:55)

„The most interesting thing was really the process, the structure as well as tips, some software we did not know about that saved us a lot of time.“ (01:15)

„I think the process was speed up by months, and in 2-3 weeks, we were very accelerated, the results of which were very useful“ (01:35)

„The results are there already on our 2nd cold email campaign ever at a 37% reply rate and a 18% booking rate, which also validates our go-to-market approach“ (02:05)

„Without your system, it would be nearly impossible to access this information from the market“ (03:15)

„I worked for one of the biggest companies in my industry and did not learn about any of the tools we learnt about from you“ (03:45)


LiVET helps to drive a healthier world for animals through modern diagnostics, with faster, better and easier molecular rapid tests for infectious diseases:
– Top 20 European Animal Health startup
– Raised CHF 1.3 Mio. during COVID-19
– Rapidly expanding go-to-market activities


In Switzerland, buildings are responsible for +/- 25% of CO2 emissions because they are heated with oil or gas.

CLEVERON helps public buildings to save up to 30% heating costs with their innovative solution.


Legartis harnesses the power of AI to help companies make legal decisions up to 10x faster. Legartis is using a state of the art natural language processing approach to help you to solve legal issues in a more advanced and partly automated way.