Startup Sales Summit 2020

Startup Sales Summit 2020


8 interactive sessions with experts to accelerate your B2B sales. 

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Switzerland’s 1st Startup Sales Summit 

8 expert sessions in 4 days to accelerate your sales as a B2B startup

- Remote Selling: Benefit from the new normal

Date: 02.06.2020 16:00-16:45


Startups that sell are startups that scale. But often, the single-most challenging aspect of a B2B startup is to make sales happen effectively, at scale, with limited resources. These challenging times pose the additional challenge on how to adjust to selling remotely. 

This webinar shall help entrepreneurs with actionable advice on how to improve their success in remote selling, starting immediately.

Hartmann Manuel

Manuel Hartmann
Founder, SalesPlaybook

Built up sales for Onedot including +260% revenue, full rebranding and transition from projects to subscriptions within 2 years.

- Marketing sales alignment

Date: 02.06.2020 17:00-17:45


Marketing & Sales. Why can’t you just get along? It would be such a happy world. And it It always sounds so easy in these beautiful blogposts and keynotes. Reality is: everybody struggles. As soon as the org. chart gets larger aligning marketing & sales on the same outcomes becomes an increasing challenge. And there is a serious lack of practical guidance. 

Having worked in both roles I know the pains on each side of the trench and after successfully completing now my 3rd alignment project I have a lot of insights to share.

Lanny Heiz
Head of Sales, BEE-Inbound

Built the marketing in 2 E-Commerce startups from 0 to CHF 1M+ revenue during studies and now building the sales team @BEE-Inbound.

- Fundraising sales alignment

Date: 03.06.2020 16:00-16:45


A savy investor will assess your company top down and bottom up. 

Hence, you have to make sure that you
a) have a winning team in place
b) develop a product that generates high customer value
c) define and target a lucrative market
d) have cash generating business model before you start fundraising which resembles a sales process after all

Pascal Stämpfli
Founder, Startupmetrics

Former lead analyst at BV4 where he trained junior analysts and developed the valuation and rating methodologies specifically for startups.

- Outbound lead generation at scale

Date: 03.06.2020 17:00-17:45


Outbound is the most important channel to get leads and customers. Thus, a scalable outbound process is absolute key for success in the first 12 months. I help you get the right message to the righ persona with the right cadence. 

Learn how to 
1. Invest the right amount of time into prospecting & lead intelligence
2. Sharpen how you communicate your benefits for your ideal customer profile
3. Communicate the right message with the right cadence at scale

Patrick Trümpi
Partner, LARI

Built up sales for Starmind in CH, DE, was VP Sales Americas. Expert for lead generation & enterprise sales.

- Why people fear or even hate sales

Date: 04.06.2020 16:00-16:45


Why do people fear or hate sales? Why do we need strong sales? How do you get 20 sales meetings next week by calling 50 potential clients in 3 hours? How do you read customers mind? How can we motivate clients to share their true needs? 
This interactive working session provides founders and sales people with psychological insights on how to adopt a positive mindset towards B2B sales and therewith get more positive client interactions and close more deals faster.

Nicolas Berg
Entrepreneur, Investor, Coach

Serial founder, investor and coach since 1984 for  i.a. Borsalino/, XING, Redalpine Venture Partners, Startup Campus, Venturelab, Venturekick

- Navigating the Swiss Food & Beverage distribution jungle

Date: 04.06.2020 17:00-18:00


Many start-ups get stuck when it comes to the actually selling and shipping their products into the specific channels. What channels (also alternative) do exist, how to you get there, who do you talk to, how do you (price) position your product and how do you maintain & accelerate sales there? 

Learn how to: 
1. Navigate the ecosystem (distribution & customers)
2. Handle the buyer profiles
3. Survive the negotiation journey

Cyrill Kressibucher
Head of Sales, WhiteFrontier

FMCG sales & food imports expert (9 years) with a strong understanding & vision of distribution channels. Scaled craft beer sales of WhiteFrontier almost from scratch to CHF 1M+ revenue in 2 years. Communicating in 7 languages.

Constantin Papadopoulos
Founder, GSSP
Constantin implements B2B Sales acceleration & redesign projects. He is also a communication & negotiation trainer. 

- Win customers with high-value content

Date: 05.06.2020 16:00-16:45


Most entrepreneurs have a vast practical and theoretical knowledge, but lack the tools to communicate their valuable insights, know-how and expertise effectively to the target audience.

By creating high-value content and establishing thought leadership in the long run, Startups get an icebreaker when connecting with potential customers and can generate leads. Get tips on sharing your knowledge with the target audience, increasing credibility and justifying your reason of being in this webinar.

Stephanie Sigrist
Copywriting Expert

Over a decade of experience in journalism, marketing and communication and aware of the potential of high-quality content when building a company; convinced that every Startup (regardless of size or budget) has ideas worth telling. Background in economics and linguistics, lived on three continents.

Getting ready to scale: What matters at each stage

Date: 05.06.2020 17:00-17:45


Many first time entreprenuers are surprised to know that scaling early can kill your startup. We all know the classical map of startup stages with early adopters, valley of death, and scaling. But still, it’s hard to define the current stage of your own startup. Accordingly, it’s hard to define next milestone founders should be focusing on right now, with timeline, plans and actions. 

This talk is digging deeper into this with aim to provide you some tools to help you analyze current stage, create the next milestone, and know when you’re ready to scale.

Maddy Agrawal
Founder, Startup to Scaleup

After (co-)founding several startups in Europe and USA, 200+ employees & his last exit, Maddy is helping SaaS founders achieve their sales potential.

Switzerland’s 1st Startup Sales Summit

Gain free insights from B2B sales experts in 8 interactive sessions.