Sales Acceleration Initiatives

Our customers become successful
by working with us on these challenges:

Validate new markets quickly without building expensive solutions upfront

Save a lot of money you’d have spent on offerings nobody would buy

Increase profitability by moving from projects to scalable offerings

Generate qualified leads with scalable outbound sales

Increase your sales funnel quicker and more consistently

Lower your customer acquisition costs

Free up your time for other high-value activities

Stop wasting time with trial & error experiments, manual lead sourcing and more

Work with what works instantly. Avoid the need to read 40+ B2B sales books and try out multiple tools

 Implement processes the right way the first time

Establish a scalable sales process that consistently works for everybody in the company

Increase conversion rates from lead to paying customer

Shorten sales cycle times from quarters to months

Stop wasting your time on prospects that will never become customers

Close profitable CHF 25’000-250’000 deals within 2-6 instead of 6-18 months

Establish internal negotiation principles and trainings

Work with proven opportunity frameworks

Practice mock-up calls and deal scenarios

Make your Sales Stack work for you instead of the other way around

 Leverage a state-of-the-art CRM to increase productivity, consistency and scalability

Increase prospecting and closing time by increasing lead sourcing efficiency by 3-10x

Industry-specific offerings

“To sell is human” …which is why a significant part of sales is industry-agnostic.

However, entrepreneurs in specific industries such as HealthTech and Food & Beverage face very industry-specific sales challenges such as insurance reimbursement (HealthTech) or import/export, production ramp-up and supply chain (Food & Beverage).

Entrepreneurs typically lack the sales expertise, experience and process to build up sales professionally and therefore quickly with (very limited) available resources in their space.

Which is why we built very specific offerings to get you covered.


Accelerate your journey to grow your ARR by 100-400% annually at lower costs with our SaaS expert network from scale-ups such as Beekeeper, Yokoy, Avrios, Starmind, LARI, Onedot and more.

Manuel Hartmann

Founder SalesPlaybook, built up sales for a Swiss B2B AI startup.


Gain 3-6 months of time at your current burn rate and raise your next funding round months faster while achieving a 10-25% higher valuation by accelerating your go-to-market the right way.

Valentin Splett

Led an ETH Zurich MedTech spinoff from launch to Exit.