Join us Building Europe’s #1 Sales Acceleration Platform

Entrepreneurs have the potential to change our world for the better by solving real-world problems with the launch, growth and scaling of new business models, technologies, products and services.

We contribute to a better world by helping entrepreneurs become and remain successful through flexible, affordable, no bullshit sales acceleration.

Word of caution: SalesPlaybook is a young, fast-paced, dynamic company. All our jobs are hands-on & require a “getting the job done” attitude. 


Brandey's Experience

Quick Ramp Up: Brandey ramping quickly, closing 4 deals in 24h after 5 months in B2B Sales.

Steep Learning Curve: "The last 5 months felt like a year of experience (...) I had real hands on support from the team. (...) And clients are asking great questions."

Impact Beyond Us: "Making a big impact with other startups and scaleups. (...) Currently in DACH, Europe, hopefully soon globally. I am exited to keep building a great community."

Our Core Principles

Bottom-Line Impact: We do, build and invest into what we need to profitably help committed entrepreneurs accelerate revenue growth. Nothing more, nothing less.

Humble hustling: We make things happen and push the limits, but own our decisions, actions and results. Leaders eat last, focus on team success.

Swiss Quality & Excellence: We deliver on what we promise. On time, in Swiss Quality, with local people. We want to be #1 at what we do in our field.

Radical transparency and integrity: We have no secrets, do what we say and say what we do. We are aware this is simple in theory, but not easy to sustain in practice.

Collaboration before competition: We focus on long-term relationships with customers, employees and partners, even if foregoing short-term benefits.

Strive for mastery, remain a student: We are committed to become 1% better every day and help others with kindness and compassion to do the same.

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