Working in B2B Sales?

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Career Outlook

Most Valuable Skills: A and B say the single most important skill. Skills serve for life long, everything is selling...

High Demand Job: So many needed, so many missing. Not automated by AI in near future.

High Salaries: Not caped, rewarded for performance, not for time sitting in the office.

What B2B Sales is NOT

Extrovert Job: Successful B2B Sales Talent are extraordinary listeners. They understand the prospect's need first, and then lead through the buyer journey.

B2C Sales Job: Ticket sizes, that is, the price of the product the customer buys is usually larger than CHF 10k. A buyer expects B2B SalesTalent to consult them and demonstrate the business case, before they buy.

Fixed Salary Job: Typically you receive a base salary and then bonuses on top. If you perform on-target or above you can easily make CHF 150k - 250k per year.

How Can SalesPlaybook Support You?

Free 8-week B2B Sales Academy: We take you by the hand and show you step by step how to become a B2B Sales Talent. Apply to our interactive B2B Sales Academy and receive a certificate at graduation.

Access to B2B Sales Jobs: We have helped 150+ companies to succeed in B2B sales. They need more B2B sales talent, we match you.